'A hauntingly lovely voice. All the elements flow so well together - particularly the violin - can really feel that it's an extension of you'. VERONICA MILSOM, TRIPLE J

Stahlüt is the cinematic dreamy side project of The Imprints. Elements of drum and bass, trip-hop, dub and dark-pop come together to create moody psychedelic music that has been likened to Portishead and Massive Attack.

The way they paint the world of human emotion on ‘Unravelling’ is breathtaking. It is as though they are simultaneously surrealist painters and neuroscientists, activating both hemispheres of the brain in perfect harmony. If you are tired of ever-present guitar or keys as the dominant harmonic provider, explore this record and discover a refreshingly different sound.

Stahlüt released their debut album Unravelling in 2015 and are currently in the studio creating their second album. To enquire about booking Stahlüt please contact us here.