LOOPING AROUND THE WORLD Willow and Linden take students through a musical adventure around the world, performing music from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa and America with string instruments, a drum kit and a loop station. Students are intrigued to watch Willow create each part of the music live in front them, perhaps starting with a bass line using an octave pedal on the violin, or strumming the violin to make it sound like a guitar. Each song slowly builds into a one woman orchestra over which Linden plays high energy drum kit.  Throughout their performance Willow and Linden encourage the students to be interactive, teaching them percussion parts and inviting students to contribute their own personal touch to an improvised piece using the loop station. This incursion encourages and inspires students to see the endless possibilities within music. There are no boundaries in musical exploration and Willow and Linden encourage students to see this! Length: 60 minutes Suitability: Primary School/Secondary School   Get in touch via the form below if you would like to enquire about Willow and Linden visiting your school!