ABOUT RED DESERT SOUNDS The Livewire Project presents Red Desert Sounds - music workshops especially designed for schools in remote communities with limited access to music. Red Desert Sounds work with students to develop their knowledge of music and confidence in performance through playing, singing and writing music. Students have the opportunity to try drums, percussion, guitar, bass, keyboards, ukulele and singing. Red Desert Sounds regularly run workshops at schools in the Northern Territory, but the programme is open to any remote/regional schools. Red Desert Sounds can work with your school to organise a week long programme that ties in with the curriculum. They have worked with students in the past to write songs covering subjects such as school rules, bullying, maths, wildlife, sport, health and science. Alongside music schools students also strengthen their language skills through song writing. The programme structure includes a session with each individual class every day. Lower primary students focus on singing, clapping and percussion to learn about melody and rhythm and learn to write simple songs in English and local language. Upper primary students are introduced to guitar, keys, drums, bass and ukulele and rotate to get a turn on each instrument while secondary students can pick the instrument they like most to focus and develop skills on that instrument. The week long programme culminates in a music concert, with members of the community welcome to come and celebrate the weeks progress. If music videos have been made during the course of the week they are also shown at the concert. FILM The following clips were made with the students at Mount Allan School in the Northern Territory. They are the result of working with the students for five days, creating a song together, learning the parts on instruments, recording the song and then making a music video to go with the song.

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