"The dream for music educators everywhere should be for every student to have the widest possible exposure to all kinds of music. They already have the best of pop and rock thanks to the media but with people like Willow Stahlut they will be exposed to the many amazing sounds of bowed stringed instruments. Willow has access to the most cutting edge instruments made by local instrument maker Paul Davies. Electric, semi-acoustic and acoustic instruments where anything is possible. This opportunity would be so wonderful for school kids to see that the violin is not only something which belongs in the conservative Victorian era symphonic setting. With this introduction it is possible for students to become retrospectively interested in the Classical world from the point of view of how relevant it is today – film, TV, musicals, orchestrations for pop, indie and jazz artists - all of this must start in the school system and Willow Stahlut is making this possible with her approach to education. Music is a very strong part of our culture in all forms and it would be a shame to lose this in our country. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Livewire Project." Sarah Curro, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
"Willow is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher, who instils her love of music and performances within all of her students. Students respond very well to her ‘easy going’ nature and she therefore always has a positive rapport with then. Whether it be Jazz, Celtic, Reggae, Pop, Classical, Gypsy to Rock, Willow’s students not only develop an understanding and appreciation of these styles, but they also develop these necessary techniques that relate to them from the classical to the modern setting." Michael Bradshaw, Head of Music, Luther College
“When I designed the Spur EV145 electric violin I did so with Willow Stahlut in mind. I knew that my work would ultimately connect with a musician who played with a fresh wind at her back and a long distance view into the musical future . Willow Stahlut is that person - she plays her own music with consummate technical ability and outstanding creative energy. Somehow she manages to do all this with a sense of genuine humility that adds a tangible sense of integrity and purpose to her Art. Given Willows' passion for contemporary performance practice it is not surprising that Willow is equally motivated to share her skills with younger players at the beginning of their musical journey and her commitment to music education is as much an inspiration to me as it is to the students she teaches.” Paul L Davies, Violin maker
"Willow Stahlut came to work at Luther College where I was Head of Strings in 2011. She impressed us with her professional, calm manner and outstanding CV. Willow is constantly reviewing her teaching practice and refining and refreshing ways to connect with the students. She is an outstanding performer and shares her passion for performance in her teaching. I think the Livewire Project is an excellent initiative to bring contemporary electric string music to schools. I believe it will inspire students to see a world of potential that string instruments have and may even provide a 'hook' for those that are looking for wider variety. With Willows passion and depth of understanding for a wide range of music including classical, I think the students will respond with genuine enthusiasm and renewed interest to the string program." Meredith Thomas, previous Head of Strings, Luther College