MASTERCLASSES & WORKSHOPS: Willow and Linden have visited universities and high schools in Australia to present masterclasses and workshops focusing on improvisation, live looping, technology in music and ensemble skills. To enquire about Willow and Linden visiting your university or school please contact us here. Willow and Linden also offer a workshop especially for string players called Livewire Electric. The workshop was created to bridge the gap between classical and contemporary music for string players through the introduction of improvisation, contemporary/world music genres and using technology in music. Livewire Electric inspires students to see music in an open minded, fun and expressive way. Read more SCHOOL INCURSIONS: Willow and Linden take students through a musical adventure around the world, performing music from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa and America all interpreted with a modern approach using live looping and effects pedals. This incursion is interactive for the students as they have an opportunity to learn rhythms on percussion and contribute their own personal touch to an improvised piece using the loop station. Read more REMOTE SCHOOL PROGRAMMES: Willow and Linden offer a week long programme called RED DESERT SOUNDS, especially designed for schools in remote communities with limited access to music. The programme helps kids build on their knowledge of music through playing, singing and writing music. Students have the opportunity to try drums, percussion, guitar, bass, keyboards, ukulele and singing. Read more INDIVIDUAL MUSIC LESSONS: Willow and Linden offer individual lessons at their home studio in Northcote. Specialising in teaching intermediate to advanced students Willow and Linden both work with individuals to tailor lessons to work towards realising their musical goals, whilst ensuring that technique, musical expression and knowledge of music theory are always developing. Read more